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"Città del vino"

It is not casual that "Terricciola, Città del Vino" hosts one of the oldest "Festa dell'Uva e del Vino" of Tuscany: the village winery tradition is mostly the main activity of the area and wine culture is a site specific quality.



During all seasons differents festivals wine theme based occupy the pedestrian center involving volunteers from all village associations and anyone who want to share a genuine feast. "Calici di stelle" or "Festa dell'uva e del vino" are two of them.


“Guarda il calor del sol che si fa vino, giunto all’umor che da la vite cola”

Dante Alighieri

The village is in the centre of the Pisan province, between Pontedera and Volterra. It is situated on a hill, in a very suggestive position.


The first official evidence of Terricciola  dates back to 1109 when it is quoted 'Pieve a Pava', nowadays 'Pieve a Pitti' after a donation of Volterra Archbishop Ruggieri.

The village was alternatively dominated by Pisa and Florence until 1406  when it eventually fell into the hands of Florence and follow the fortunes of Granducato di Toscana first and of united Italy after.

Nowadays the village still offers the typical structure of the medieval centre, its origin as a castle with its narrow streets and medieval buildings.

In a very suggestive position..

Holiday house “ Casailmonte”

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